About Me

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my website, IrishPowerLifting.com.

My name is Ava and I live in Ireland. You might be wondering: why is a woman writing about powerlifting? What does she know about it?

Well, believe it or not, there are women like me who are not intimidated by powerlifting. Contrary to what you may believe, this type of sport will not make you look like a man. You can be very feminine and still enjoy powerlifting. In fact, I can say that I have never felt so feminine now that I am a powerlifter.

This is why I thought about creating this website. I realised how deep the misconceptions of people are about this sport. Through this site, I intend to give you my insights about Irish powerlifting and how it can really change your life for the better.

About me

You are probably wondering about my own background, right? I mean, if you are going to read my posts and believe what I write, it is only proper for me to give you an introduction.

As I mentioned, my name is Ava. Let us leave it at that for now. I am in my late twenties and I work as a primary teacher by day. But during my spare time, I train as a powerlifter.

In the past, I was not really into powerlifting. In fact, I was quite intimidated by it. My usual routine at the gym was the usual – the stationary bike, treadmill, etc. I stayed away from the weight lifting area. I knew next to nothing about it – until a friend of mine encouraged me to try it. I had no experience in lifting when I first tried it. But after training, I started to enjoy it.

Powerlifting gave me a challenge. When I joined my first competition, I surprisingly enjoyed it! I realised that the Irish powerlifting community was very supportive – even among female competitors. Once I started lifting, I was motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle.And it made me feel really good about myself. This is what I want to share with all of you.

About this site

I can go on and on about the benefits of Irish powerlifting but you will never really understand it unless you try it yourself.

In this website, I will share with you various details about powerlifting – most of which will be through my own experiences. From the competitions, to the equipment, and the diet that you need to follow to make your body ready for every lift. There will be times when I will share my training schedule for the day.

Mostly, you will be reading about my dreams and aspirations as I try to become a professional powerlifter.

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I really hope you can join and share this Irish powerlifting journey with me.