My Food Schedule

Hello everyone! My name is Ava, and I am an avid powerlifter. In this article, I will share my food schedule.

Powerlifting is not just about the heaviness of the weights that you are lifting. It is also about what you eat. Lifting weight demands a lot from your body – that means you burn a lot of calories. You have to make sure that you provide it with enough fuel to burn.

My food schedule when powerlifting

So what do I eat? Well, it depends on what I will be doing for the day. My diet varies on off days and during training days. I will not provide you with specific meals for the day but I will tell you what you need for the day.

So here is my food schedule.

Regardless if it is an off day or training day, I always take water first. When I wake up in the morning, my first act is to drink a glass of water. This helps my body rehydrate after going long hours without water (while sleeping). It gets my organs up and ready to digest meals throughout the day.

When I plan to train the next day, my last meal the night before will have more carbs than the usual. This allows my body to store more glycogen in my muscle cells. This will help my muscles contract harder and quicker. If I do this before an off day, the glycogen becomes fat – which can make it harder to lift. But when it is a training day, it gets to be burned so there is no harm done. Without the carbs, I usually feel more fatigue during and after a training.

Before working out, I usually concentrate on protein intake. It is either a protein shake or actual meat intake. I try to stay away from carbs because it can release insulin which triggers the blood to go to my digestive tract instead of my muscles. When I take a protein shake, I can exercise immediately. But when I take meat, I take some time before doing my lifts to let my body digest the meat.

While I am training, I bring fresh fruits with me to keep fatigue at bay. It also helps with my endurance and performance. I also make sure I drink enough water too so my body is hydrated well.

I usually follow the same food schedule before competing. I just have to load up on the carbs the day before a powerlifting meet.

Your diet should depend on your powerlifting goals

Obviously, powerlifters want to improve something in their body. That means your intake will affect how powerlifting will change your body.

If you have plans to bulk up, I suggest that you eat consistently and try to avoid overeating one day and then not eating the next. Make sure that you avoid food that will store more fat in your body. Protein and carbs work really well for powerlifters. Add around 300 calories to your usual diet if you spend 3-4 days in the gym.

If you want to lose weight, just keep eating the same amount of food and then add powerlifting to your list of activities. You will burn more calories and your fat will be replaced by muscles.

Consider your powerlifting goals when you are creating your food schedule.