My Role Models

Hello! Ava here and in this article, I will be talking to you about some of my role models in powerlifting. I like looking for people who can inspire me because they give me someone to compare myself with. When I hit a snag in my training, I look into their own experiences to help me get through.

Having someone to look up to is not a necessity. However, it can really help motivate you to become a better version of yourself. If they can do it, so can you.

My powerlifting role models

So who are my powerlifting role models? I actually have a lot. I like reading about powerlifters – about how they started and their current achievements. It motivates me to set higher powerlifting goals. You can find your own list of inspirations but I’d like to share my own list.

Sandy Pants

Sandy is one of the Feed Me Fight Me athletes. She started powerlifting in 2014 – but before that, she followed a bodybuilder workout. She was concerned about looking too big – that was why she didn’t want to powerlift at first. She used to weigh around 155 to 158 but because of bad decisions early in her powerlifting career, she started gaining weight. She is a reminder to me that it is not just about lifting. You also need to know what you should be eating.

Heather Connor

Now this woman is quite inspirational too. Did you know that she can lift 3.5x her actual body weight? That is pretty impressive in my books. This is why she inspires me a lot. Her incredible powerlifting feats landed her an SBD sponsorship. I am envious! I mean how does she do it?

Kelly Reece

This lady is a powerhouse! Not only can she powerlift, she can also crossfit and she joins the Olympic weightlifting. Whenever I feel like I cannot beat my own personal record, I look to this woman and tell myself that if she can excel in different sports, I can definitely do my best in one. Maybe in the future, I will try to transfer some of my skills across other lifting sports. We will see.So there you have it. My three role models. I have others on my list but these three really inspire me a lot. I hope you get to have your own.