Getting Equipped

Hello once again! It’s Ava and right now, it’s all about getting equipped!

This is one of the first questions that you need to answer before you get serious about powerlifting. This is especially true if you want to join a powerlifting meet. Federations will not allow you to compete if you are not properly equipped.

What equipment do you need in powerlifting?

So here are the basic equipment that you need to have if you are serious about powerlifting.


Not just any singlet but a powerlifting singlet. Some people find this the least among the other equipment but this is very important. When getting equipped, this is the first that you need to get used to. Don’t worry, you will get used to it in time. You can easily search for this on Google. I personally just bought an Asics wrestling singlet – which is fairly inexpensive and provides a good frontal coverage. I stay away from the unisex ones because they are much lower in front so you still need to have a shirt underneath – which I don’t like at all when I am doing a deadlift. Choose the right size so you can be comfortable. A single-ply singlet is usually the best option.

Powerlifting belt

This is not really a requirement but I like to wear these belts because it helps improve my performance and lowers the risk of injury. If you will buy one for a competition, most federations require a belt that is no more than 10 cm wide and 13mm thick. Take note that velcro is not allowed. I personally go for Strength Shop when buying my belts since they have both lever and vegan buckles.


When doing a deadlift, knee length socks are required. Take note that you should get one that is higher than your calf but will not go beyond your knee caps. I buy mine from American Apparel because they offer different colors. I like to color match my socks with my singlet.

Wrist wraps

This is one of those that are not required but can make you feel support. I like to wear them when I am doing bench press or squats. In competitions, make sure you use only the single-ply (1m in length and 8cm in width). I like the plain wrist wraps from the website of Strength Wraps.

Knee Sleeves

I didn’t have this before but I decided to try one for an upcoming raw powerlifting meet. I got the Slingshot knee sleeves and so far, they are keeping my joints quite warm. I am hoping these can improve my performance. It is up to you if you want one or not. It is not really a requirement. If you want it to help with your squats, I suggest you go for the tighter ones – but still comfortable.


I prefer to use my Converse since it is flat-soled. There are deadlift slippers that you can try out but they are not necessary. The flat ones will do just fine. Stay away from Vibrams since I heard they are not allowed in competitions.


Obviously, I need a bra for support. The rule book has nothing against it – but it does prohibit those with underwire. I go for Lulumon sports bras with cups and they feel comfortable. Any underwear that provides compression or support is not allowed, though. Regular cotton underwear is just fine.

So as far as getting equipped for powerlifting goes, these are all that you need to have.