Competing In Powerlifting

Hello! Ava here and right now, we will discuss competing in powerlifting.

Why compete in a powerlifting meet?

You might be thinking that it is not really necessary to join a competition because you just want to reach your own personal fitness goals. You don’t need to be awarded for it.

I completely understand that sentiment because that was my way of thinking in the past. But soon, I figured that I had nothing to lose anyway. If anything, joining a competition increased my motivation in the sport.

I will be honest with you. My first powerlifting competition was quite intimidating. But as soon as I entered – the intimidation was gone. If anything, it helped me gain new friends and connected me to role models. It also encouraged me to keep on challenging myself. In the end, I wasn’t in it to beat everyone. I was trying to beat my own personal records.

Of course, we are all different. You may want to compete – simply because you are a competitive person. It doesn’t really matter. Competing in powerlifting will always be a great experience and can help you reach your personal powerlifting goals.

Three powerlifting events

If you are serious about powerlifting competitions, here are a few facts that you need to know.

Every powerlifting meet is comprised of 3 events: squat, bench press, and deadlift. You can have three attempts to lift as much weight as you can. The winner of the meet is usually the one that can squat, bench press and deadlift the most combined weight will win. Of course, a winner is declared in each weight and age division.

The weight divisions usually consist of 116, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 245, 275, 308, and SHW (Super Heavy Weight). Choose the division wisely because the challenges will vary in every division.

To prepare for a competition, you have to train heavily. However, the week prior to the meet, you should only train lightly. The night before competing in powerlifting, it is important for you to get enough rest and sleep. Not only that, your breakfast should be high in carbs so you will have the energy to do your lifts.

Rules in a powerlifting competition

There are several federations that have different rules. You need to choose which among the federations you will join in. There are those that will allow you to bring your own equipment while others will provide it for all competitors.

The equipment that you will need when competing in powerlifting includes your suits for the squats and bench press, the wrist wraps, knee wraps, and weight lifting belt. If you are allowed to bring your own equipment, make sure it is approved by the federation prior to the competition. Otherwise, you might not be allowed to use it.

In every powerlifting meet, you will be allowed to compete in all the events. If you are successful in any lift, you will be given 2-3 green lights. If not, you will get 2-3 red lights. There will be judges who will decide which of the lifts will be counted.

So far, these are the important things that you need to know before competing in powerlifting. I really hope you can give it a try.

Good luck!