Irelands Best Powerlifting Gyms

Hello to you! I’m Ava – an avid powerlifter. In this article, we will be discussing powerlifting gyms.

Every powerlifting journey begins at the gym. Believe it or not, I was not into powerlifting when I started going to the gym. All I was concerned about was doing my cardio exercises and making sure I burn the calories I ate throughout the day. But after talking to my gym buddies, they encouraged me to try powerlifting and the rest is history. I have never felt more fulfilled and happy about my body and my lifestyle.

3 powerlifting gyms in Ireland

When you are choosing among the many powerlifting gyms in Ireland, it is important to look at the people in it. Nobody stays in a gym for a long time because of their facilities and equipment. They stay because of the friendships formed and the mentorship. It is all about the people you meet in the gym. While the equipment, program, and facilities are important, you have to look at the community as well.

To help you decide, here are the 3 gyms in Ireland that powerlifters usually frequent.

Raw Gym

This gym is serious about training you to become a great powerlifter. If you are competitive and you want to take on intensive training programs, this is the gym that you want to visit. They have a lot of trainers that ensure their members can reach their personal fitness goals.

The ABC Gym

This is another gym that you can consider. The ABC Gym is known to have the largest and the most successful team of powerlifters in Ireland. If you want to be a part of that team, then this is the gym that you should consider. They have regular classes and training sessions that you can join.

Revolution Fitness

This is actually one of my favourites. RevFit is all about the community. They want you to succeed and you will really feel their sincerity. Every coach is open about their personal journey towards fitness. They offer private, semi-private or group sessions. They even have an FB group set up to motivate you even if you are not in the gym. Now that is going the extra mile!

Remember that powerlifting gyms should not be about the equipment alone. Read about reviews on each gym. Better yet, visit the gyms in your list. You can gauge if it is the best one for you or not.