The Best Way To Avoid Injuries

Hello to you my dear reader. Ava here and right now, we will be discussing a very serious topic. As you know, this exercise is one of the most physically demanding activities in the gym. That being said, you will be more prone to injuries while powerlifting. This is why I have dedicated an article for this. I do not want you to hurt yourself so let us discuss how you can avoid injuries as you embark on your journey to become a powerlifter.

Tips to avoid injuries in powerlifting

The best way to prevent injuries in powerlifting is by following these rules.

  • Warm up first. This is very important. Most of the injuries in power-lifting are concentrated on your joints. Make sure you strengthen it before a lift. A warm up will not only strengthen your body in general, it will also condition you to perform better while doing your lifts.
  • Use the right equipment. Your joints, in particular, need the right support. Your knees, wrists and ankles will be protected best by some sort of support. A belt can also help support your back to help it avoid injuries.
  • Be careful with your form. When you lift with the wrong form, you are putting the force of the lift on the wrong part of your body. This can cause tears in your ligaments or can keep certain parts from being utilized properly for the lift.
  • Practice the right posture. This will ultimately help you establish the right form while lifting.
  • Eat healthy. Finally, you can prevent injuries in powerlifting if your body is strengthened by the right nutrients in your diet.

Common injuries in powerlifting

I know that accidents can happen but when it comes to powerlifting, the injuries can be prevented. This is why I want you to be serious about reading this article because one serious injury can put a stop to your powerlifting dreams. You can avoid injuries in powerlifting as long as you practice good form, proper and healthy diet, and stay focused.

Here are the common areas in your body that can be injured.

  • Shoulder injury. This is the most common injury in powerlifting. As you struggle to lift heavy weights, you will be prone to shoulder impingement, bursitis, ligament tears, etc.
  • Back injury. We all get back injuries because of various reasons. In lifting, you put a lot of strain on your lower back – especially when you do not have the proper form while doing a deadlift. You have to be careful with this one because a serious back injury could compromise your mobility.
  • Elbow injury. You can develop elbow tendonitis because of bad form in lifting. You have to make sure that your muscles and not your tendons are absorbing the force of the lift.
  • Wrist injury. This is a common injury while doing bench lifts and squats. It is usually caused by lack of flexibility and mobility in your wrist. It also happens when too much strain is placed on the wrist that causes it to bend too much.
  • Hip injury. This is caused by lack of mobility as well – and if you fail to strengthen your glutes. It is also possible that you do not use your glutes properly when lifting.
  • Injury to the Sacroiliac Joint. This is the joint that connects the spine to your pelvis. This can be injured when doing your squats or deadlifts.
  • Knee injury. This is another injury that is common in powerlifting – specifically while doing a squat or deadlift.
  • Ankle injury. You have to be careful with this part because once you injure it, the chances of injuring it again will be high. That is because it is already weakened.

Pay close attention to these areas to avoid injuries while you are lifting.

Stay safe and good luck!